Monday, November 15, 2010

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine Winter 2011 - Bouquet Sneak Peak

Purple, Gold, and Green! Color Blocking - Mondrian inspired. Bouquet by Jen Shorten of Courtenay Lambert Florals.

This bouquet showcases the amazing work of Jen Shorten, who I'm lucky enough to work with, and who is a lead designer at Courtenay Lambert Florals. She did this amazing bouquet for Cincinnati Wedding Magazine's upcoming issue. The theme was modern spaces and the photo shoot was taken at Pyramid Hill Park in Hamilton. We recently did a wedding there, and it is a truly gorgeous space. The bouquet includes, Bell of Ireland, Stock, Lisianthus, Craspedia, and Lily grass.

Jen used color blocking to put the colors of this bouquet together. She used one of our blumeboxes and did a Mondrian inspired color blocking method (yes, I had to Google that too...think Rubik's cube). Jen has a background in design, and says that color blocking is a great way to develop design inspiration for your wedding. Layering bold block colours makes for a killer statement which screams confidence. Here are a few simple rules:

1. Three is the magic number. Stick to two or three colors, anymore than that and you might end up losing the bold effect. Two’s fine but three makes for a more interesting and effective contrast.

2. Don’t be afraid to clash. The normal rules don’t apply here, don’t be afraid to combine colours you usually wouldn’t.

3. Keep it in the family. It’s also effective to contrast two tonal variations with a more contrasting jarring colour, for example pinks and purples against a vibrant lime green.

4. Be loud and proud. This trend is all about bold bright colours and works best with the most vivid shades.

5. Keep it simple. The look works best with plain neutral accessories; break up the colour blocks with cream, black or grey accessories.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

Here are a few shots of my cousin Suzy's wedding bouquet (from September). I have to say it is one of my favorites this year, and when we get the pro shots we will post the whole wedding...which, if the bouquet is any indication, was glorious. It was vintage with lots of organic elements. My Aunt Deb (mother of the bride) actually grew some of the flowers in her garden. My shop is now home to many cute little black spiders who used to live in Celosia from my aunt's garden (I kind of like them, but no one else seems to appreciate them much). I included a bunch of shots from all angles, and the last two shots are of the Mom's bouquets (which they carried during the ceremony). Here are some of the beautiful floral elements used in the bouquets: Celosia, Dahlias, Roses, Craspedia, Stock, Ranunculus, Protea, Delphinium, Zinnias, Succulents, and Peacock feathers. In the mom's bouquets, we included Gardenia as well (one of my personal favorites).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sparks - Cates Wedding

Jocelyn & Joe

This is the wedding of the beautiful and talented Jocelyn Sparks Cates and her husband Joe Cates. These pictures are the product of the always fabulous Neysa Ruhl of Neysa Ruhl Photography, and she captured the wedding beautifully! I'm catching up on some blogging....which I always say I'm going to do. But, this time I mean it. I will be posting some fabulous events from this year and last. This wedding really showcases Jocelyn's style, "vintage romantic". I love the vintage car!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lindsay and Steve Hileman - November 2009

So, we're trying to be a little more diligent about posting events. So, hopefully, over the next few weeks, we will have several more fabulous events to showcase (from both last year and this year). This was a gorgeous wedding at the Dayton Art Institue. This venue has risen to be one of my top 10 favorite venues! Lindsay and Steve (the bride and groom) are very artsy and their flower choices definitely echoed that...lots of different designs and textures. In addition to the vendors indicated on the design boards, the event was expertly executed by Kristen & Rick Kloth of Tres Chic Events and the cake was designed by Barb Harvey of Incredible Endings!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes, there is a time to be Bitter and it's Now!!!!

Wear your favorite (or least favorite) retired bridesmaid/formal gownfor a pub crawl through Covington’s MainStrasse Village.

Cost of admission is $10 OR the donation of a bridesmaid gown.All proceeds benefit Kenzie’s Closet.{Kenzie’s Closet provides prom dresses and related accessories to high school seniors who cannot otherwise afford them.}

For more information or to see photos from 2007, 2008 & 2009′s Bashes, visitThe Bridal Studio or our Facebook page (become a fan!)

Enjoy gift bags (for the first 100 attendees), raffles prizes, t-shirts, drink specials and of course, lots of fun!For more information or to RSVP please email us at

The Details…
6-7 PM: Registration Arrive at The Bridal Studio (610 Main St) between 6 and 7 PM, wearing your donation dress (don’t forget to wear something underneath– you’ll be dressless at the end of the night!) By committing to donate your dress at the end of the evening, your $10 admission fee will be waived. 9-10 PM: Prizes.

What if I have more than one dress? You can donate them all at once or give them to friends to donate for a fun girls night or some even hold on to the extras so they’ll have one for next year!

What happens at the end of the night when it’s time to donate my gown? First of all, remember to wear a pair of shorts and/or a tank top under your dress so you’re able to go out in public at the end of the night. When you’re ready to donate your dress, simply go to Pachinko and someone will be there to guide you to a changing area and we’ll have t-shirts on hand for you.

Are boys allowed? Yes!! The more the merrier! If you have an extra dress on hand, you can give it to them to donate or they can pay the $10 donation fee. Heck, if they want to wear a dress, that would be even more fun!

What condition should the dress be in? We ask that you donate gently-used dresses that you think high school girls would like to wear to prom or other formal events. We also accept accessories too, so if you have some shoes, bags and jewelry that you think a girl would like to wear, please donate it also!

Where do I sign up? You can register between 6-7 at The Bridal Studio, or please visit one of our “Registration Hot Spots” at Sara Benjamin’s, Soho Boutique and The Wardrobe. These locations are also available for donations and dress drop-offs!
6-9 PM: Pub Crawl

Your admission will get you drink specials at Cock & Bull, Pachinko, Strasse Haus and Zola’s in Mainstrasse Covington. Have fun wearing your dress for one final night out!

We will all gather at Pachinko to announce raffle winners and give prizes for the “Best-Dressed” “Biggest Bridal Party of Matching Dresses” and many more!! Changing stations will be available where attendees can donate a dress and receive a t-shirt in exchange. The first 100 guests will also receive a bag filled with gifts from our various sponsors.
FAQs about the BBBash!

What if I have a dress to donate but I don’t want to wear it? We encourage everyone to wear their dress since it adds to the fun, but if you’re just not feeling it, you can still donate your dress when you register and your admission fee will be waived!

I want to wear a dress but I’m not ready to give it up yet, what do I do? If you’re not ready to part with the dress yet, but you’d still like to wear it, you can either bring another dress for your admission or simply pay the $10 donation fee and party in your dress all night!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who will be entertaining you,and providing you with amazing gifts and prizes! Hosted by The Bridal Studio.
Organizing Sponsors:
Aviva Events
Bride and Groom Planner
Mainstrasse Village Association
Soho Boutique
Bluebird Photography
Courtenay Lambert Florals
1154 Lill Studio – Custom Handbags
Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
All Occasion Event Rental
Cin City Burlesque
Cincinnati Ballet
Cincinnati Landmark Productions
Cincinnati Rollergirls
Dare to Dance
Jag’s Steak and Seafood
Keep It Tight Fitness
Koch Sporting Goods
Lifetime Films
Lodge Bar
Maize Music
McFadden Music
Michelle & Co. Salon
Monster Mini Golf
Pampered Pet Boutique
Residence Inn Marriott
Sableux Salon
Shadowbox Cabaret
Sherri Barber Photography
Springhill Suites Marriott
Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics
Tarte Advertising

celebrating bridesmaids and Kenzie’s Closet …

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ashley Rosenacker - Eric Kendig

I had to post these incredible shots taken by April of Bluebird Photography. This wedding was the creative product of Aubrie Welsh (who has done a lot of fantastic work for CLF in the past and whose own wedding is on this blog -Fall 2008). Aubrie actually lended her creative talent for this wedding to her friend Ashley (the bride), and what a fantastic job she did. The bouquets include Peonies, Antique Hydrangea, Vendela and Sahara Roses, and Dusty Miller. Check out the fabulous details below!

Brtko - McGuffey

Steph & Justin

What lovely people, lovely flowers, and just an all around lovely day!!! From the customers to the vendors, I don't think we could have enjoyed this wedding more. This is a sneak peak of the wedding, and if you click on the picture, it will take you to Kortnee Kate's blog site where there are more of the glorious details. I'll post more when we get the rest of the pictures.

Shout out to the vendor team...amazing work!!!
Planner: Kristen Kloth of Tres Chic Event Planning
Photography: Kortnee & Ted of Kortnee Kate Photography

Here are a couple more teasers heisted from Kortnee & Ted's blog:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine Summer 2010 Issue - Bouquet Sneak Peek

We've been so busy that I'm not actually sure if this is a sneak peak. The magazine might actually be on stands, or it will be very soon. But, no biggie, right? I just wanted to share the fabulous bouquet we did for the photo shoot. The shoot took place in and around the enchanting grounds of Laurel Court, which are absolutely gorgeous. And going there was like traveling back in time. The theme is nostalgic/classic styles, and the setting at Laurel Court was absolutely perfect.

In the bouquet, we included Peonies, Tulips, Roses, and Lily of the Valley. In keeping with the theme we treated the stems with several vintage rhinestone necklaces. Check out below the close up of the stem treatment...and sorry for all the pics....I'm a little obsessed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purple Flower Love

Purple Bouqet

I thought I'd do a really quick posting on a bridal bouquet I did this past March. As the wedding season ramps up, I get busier and busier and have less time for postings. But, I also think it's important that we post things here and there so that our customers can see the latest and greatest. So, I guess what I'm saying is we'll try to do more small and quick posts.
I love this bouquet. I'm more of a pink girl, but I'm more and more becoming a purple girl...especially when you mix it with Fuschias and Magentas....I love it! This bouquet includes Hydrangea, Roses, Hyacinth, and Vanda Orchids.

Here are a couple close ups (you can click on them to blow them up):

Purple Bouqet

Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorite Things Find!!! I was setting up a wedding in Ft. Thomas this afternoon when I nearly ran off the road because of an incredible yard sale I came across. I screeched on the breaks to get a better view, and decided it was well worth my time to stop back after I was finished with set up. I told the gentlemen that was selling his wares that my customers would Loooooooove (sung in a long, high pitched operatic tone) his stuff. I asked him if he'd mind me giving it a shout out, and he said sure. He didn't seem interested in sharing his name and address on a public site, so if you want to know where you can find these amazing goods, just email me at by clicking here (I have my blackberry, so I can shoot the info back to you quickly). He has containers, vintage jewelry, and other glorious things you could easily incorporate in your wedding. His sale is going on through this Saturday!

I'm headed there now to get the stuff I put on hold. One man's chachka, is another bride's table setting.