Monday, November 15, 2010

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine Winter 2011 - Bouquet Sneak Peak

Purple, Gold, and Green! Color Blocking - Mondrian inspired. Bouquet by Jen Shorten of Courtenay Lambert Florals.

This bouquet showcases the amazing work of Jen Shorten, who I'm lucky enough to work with, and who is a lead designer at Courtenay Lambert Florals. She did this amazing bouquet for Cincinnati Wedding Magazine's upcoming issue. The theme was modern spaces and the photo shoot was taken at Pyramid Hill Park in Hamilton. We recently did a wedding there, and it is a truly gorgeous space. The bouquet includes, Bell of Ireland, Stock, Lisianthus, Craspedia, and Lily grass.

Jen used color blocking to put the colors of this bouquet together. She used one of our blumeboxes and did a Mondrian inspired color blocking method (yes, I had to Google that too...think Rubik's cube). Jen has a background in design, and says that color blocking is a great way to develop design inspiration for your wedding. Layering bold block colours makes for a killer statement which screams confidence. Here are a few simple rules:

1. Three is the magic number. Stick to two or three colors, anymore than that and you might end up losing the bold effect. Two’s fine but three makes for a more interesting and effective contrast.

2. Don’t be afraid to clash. The normal rules don’t apply here, don’t be afraid to combine colours you usually wouldn’t.

3. Keep it in the family. It’s also effective to contrast two tonal variations with a more contrasting jarring colour, for example pinks and purples against a vibrant lime green.

4. Be loud and proud. This trend is all about bold bright colours and works best with the most vivid shades.

5. Keep it simple. The look works best with plain neutral accessories; break up the colour blocks with cream, black or grey accessories.