Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purple Flower Love

Purple Bouqet

I thought I'd do a really quick posting on a bridal bouquet I did this past March. As the wedding season ramps up, I get busier and busier and have less time for postings. But, I also think it's important that we post things here and there so that our customers can see the latest and greatest. So, I guess what I'm saying is we'll try to do more small and quick posts.
I love this bouquet. I'm more of a pink girl, but I'm more and more becoming a purple girl...especially when you mix it with Fuschias and Magentas....I love it! This bouquet includes Hydrangea, Roses, Hyacinth, and Vanda Orchids.

Here are a couple close ups (you can click on them to blow them up):

Purple Bouqet


  1. Court! That's beautiful! Love how the colors pop.