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Pride & Prejudice, "Midnight Tea" - Featured on Wedding Chicks Today


"It is a truth universally acknowledge, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." And of course, this calls for a wedding celebration and after party worthy of a stunning midnight tea!

Courtenay Lambert Florals had the privilege to work with an amazing creative team to bring to life, "Pride & Prejudice's Midnight Tea."

With the idea of a romantic celebration in the late 18th century Darbyshire, England in mind; balance between new and old, formal and informal, delicate and striking, became of high importance.  Together, the creative team was able to bring to life one of the most fantasized weddings of all time with the elegance and opulence of a British "high tea" and captured the couple's timeless story.

Waltz into regency England and marvel at the rich colors and textures in the florals and linens, subtle detailing in the stationary, and the romance that has inspired the evening.  So sip a cup of tea and think fondly of Pemberley as you are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Enjoy!

With this concept in mind, we were able to bring to life the opulence, romance and timeless imagery of a British “high tea” with the twist of capturing the couple’s après wedding festivities.

The stationary designs are intended to capture the timelessness and formality of a late 18th century British courtship while infusing unexpected modern embellishments. In true “high tea” form, rhinestone encrusted escort cards are each displayed atop a single sugar cube foreshadowing the events to come with period-correct tea time details like teapots, cups and saucers—each appearing among prim swirly bits inspired by Jane Austen’s classic novel. We particularly love the subtle detail in the escort cards’ placement on the worn squares of the chess board complimenting the shape of the sugar cubes perfectly, as true to then as to present day.

Mr. Darby and Elizabeth’s invitations include traditional fonts—but formatted in a very new, dramatic way. Large, sweeping text playfully mimics steam from a teapot while silhouettes of bride and groom give a nod to pristine English cameos worn in the era. Classic Victorian patterns weave throughout each piece; but instead of pastels, we update the traditional palette to bold, rich hues of teal and black complimented by rich jewel tones. Silk tea bags nest inside vintage Enghlish tea cups—each elegantly tethered to a custom tag welcoming its guest with one of many inspirational messages pertaining to love, tea and sweetness, remaining true to the “Pride & Prejudice, Midnight Tea” design theme.

The lighting sets the tone as subdued yet energetic, cool blue, yet romantic, more “club” than “country club,” and strinkingly true to our image of the late night event of the era.”



The grandeur of the time is accentuated with gorgeous centerpieces in rich jewel tones including Hydrangea, Roses, Kale, Eucalyptus, and other organic elements, all in a formal silver vintage footed vase.   As often seen in the Georgian era as well as today, we’ve incorporated fruit to reflect abundance and prosperity.  Additionally, we have impeccably dressed vintage silver containers for the occasion with sugar cubes, fruit, and flowers. 



The deep teal table linens chosen by the design time were rich in color and texture to set the stage for the opulence and extravagance of the setting. The linens and napkins are accented with brooches. The ruffled chair skirts are feminine yet bold in color and design.

Classic cameos are thoughtfully placed at each setting and vintage brooches adorn each swag in the table linen, candy dishes overflow with gems and pearls and hanging English tea cups reminisce our theme.

Elizabeth’s brooch bouquet features vintage heirloom rhinestone brooches with a dupioni silk, satin, and organza stem treatment.


Our dessert table exudes noble and timeless British elegance with engraved cake labels placed delicately into impressive gem-laden stands and proudly displayed on the cake tiers aside their miniature counterparts. Each confection incorporates the luxurious elements of our imagined “Pride & Prejudice, Midnight Tea” theme; black lace and jewel toned satin and pleated ribbons adorn these opulent, sinful delights.  

The sugar flowers are as reminiscent to the late 18th century fashion as they are to today’s haute couture adding to the whimsical mood of the theme. Each guest is delighted with a confectionary gift designed to welcome them personally to Darbyshire’s quintessential event of the era, the “Midnight Tea” reception of the esteemed Mr. Darcy and his new bride, Elizabeth.




The Creative Team:

Wedding gown from Fabulous Bridal
Lighting – Goodwin Lighting
Venue – FB’s in downtown Cincinnati, OH
Table linens - La Tavola Linen
Chairs: Chameleon Chairs via Classic Party Rentals

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