Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Art of the Compote Goes National

Floral compote designed by Courtenay Lambert Florals including variegated hosta leaves, Coreopsis, Knockout roses, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Veronica, and wild flowers, all designed using a frog.

If you haven't heard of a floral compote design, you're probably not alone.  It is a design that is created in a footed compote style bowl, and it typically has a very natural look because of the way the flowers are placed in the compote and they have the ability to drape out in the way they would naturally drape on the plant or vine they came from.  In designing a compote you can use a floral frog or oasis, but the floral frog tends to give a more natural look.  The design is gorgeous, because it's full and lush and it is lifted off the table by the footed compote. 

Courtenay Lambert Florals is proud a member of a fabulous group of designers called the Chapel Designers, which is a group of women and men floral event designers across the US and Canada.  All of us met in New York City this past March, and we had a session with Ariella Chezar at Flower School New York where we learned the art of the compote.  It was so much fun, and we all enjoyed it so much, that we dediced to create compotes and link to each others designs....a progressive blog post.  So, check out the links below for more fabulous and stunning compote designs.  I'll post more of our compote shots later today, but for now the one above includes Clematis, Knockout roses, Honeysuckle, Veronica, Variegated Hosta, Coreopsis, and some other wild flowers and weeds I picked myself. 

Since we had a very busy event weekend, I actually created this design on Monday (yesterday) with all materials that I found in my aunt and uncle's garden and surrounding area up at their lake house.  It was 97 degrees yesterday and it was tough keeping these little guys alive.  But, it shows you that you can create a compote design too, with any foliage and flowers you have in your yard.   I'll post more shots of compotes later today, and again see below for more fabulous designs.
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And here is a post by Naomi from Martha Stewart Weddings on compotes  - http://thebridesguide.marthastewartweddings.com/2012/05/crazy-for-compotes.html

More shots of the compote process:

As I mentioned above, I use a lot of wild elements (better known as weeds), and flowers that my aunt and uncle had planted around their lake house. 

And since I didn't have an actual compote vase, I used an old floral frog that belongs to my aunt.

I put it in a tupperware container and set it on top of a cake plate...you got to do what you've got to do!


  1. Courtenay, get out of here. You totally rocked out a Tupperware container and a cake plate! This compote arrangement is amazing! If only we could get our hands on gorgeous garden flowers like this every week...

  2. Thanks Janet! I want to practice a bunch more in different containers. Yours is amazing too!

  3. Courtenay,

    These are arrangements which blew my mind. I mean the delicate balance of colours and impeccable symmetry gave me a lesson or two in floral designing.

    So many times, we underestimate the power of weeds but you underlined it in the most gracious manner possible.

    Keep up the good work!