Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As most of you who are familiar with our blog know, we use Blumeboxes to deliver all of our bridal party bouquets.  We love them for several reasons, including:
1. They are made of recycled materials.
2. They travel well - with the bottom of the boxes being wider than the top, they don't tip over and the top is fairly snug around the bouquet so it does not move around much in transport.
3. They're super cute and come in a ton of great colors.
4. My customers love them, and they often customize them themselves or have us do it for them.
5. It helps us reduce our carbon footprint!  

Anyway, this is from a past wedding and they were designed by one of my favorite brides....Vanessa Mears Kennedy.  So, I wanted to show you how beautifully she tied her theme together from her invites, to her flowers, to her cake, and to her Blumeboxes.  Enjoy!

All of these gorgeous photos were taken by the uber talented, Geri Ciulla of Geradine Ciulla Wedding Photography

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  1. This is really pretty! I have looked into using the blumeboxes prior but decided to read your blog. Lovely!