Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Easy Steps to Use Pinterest for Your Floral Consultation!

Our newest technology obsession at Courtenay Lambert Florals is the fun and fabulous website Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to organize photos of their favorite things on the web. We've had so much fun the past month putting together pinboards of beautiful things ranging from floral bouquets to the Cincinnati skyline! This is an example of one of our Pinterest inspiration boards:

It occurred to us that Pinterest is the perfect outlet to help brides prepare for their floral consultation. Through Pinterest, brides can explore thousands of photos and save their favorites to one convenient location. Follow these 3 easy (and fun!) steps to prepare for your consultation with Courtenay Lambert Florals:
  1. Create a Pinterest account. Visit Pinterest to request your invitation and learn how to pin.
  2. Explore the web for your favorite photos. Use your favorite wedding and design websites and blogs to find inspirational photos of floral arrangements and decor that you love. You can also find images directly on Pinterest. A good place to start is Wedfully, a collection of some of the best wedding blogs on the net.
  3. Start pinning! Type in the URL into your browser. This will take you to the Courtenay Lambert Florals home page on Pinterest. Click "Follow." This will enable us to add you as a contributor to your personal board. When you want to pin a photo, click the "Pin It" link on your bookmarks bar (Pinterest includes instructions on how to install this). A board with your name will appear as an option for pinning. Select the board with your first and last name, and pin your photo!
  4. If you are already an experienced Pinterest user: If you have already been using Pinterest to save inspirational photos, send us the URL to your home page. Or, follow Courtenay Lambert Florals and we'll follow you back!
By creating a board just for you, we can view the images and floral trends you love the most. When you come in for your consultation, we'll have a place to start discussing and planning! We promise you'll love Pinterest from the minute you begin pinning. Happy Pinning!

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