Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blumebox! - photos by Neysa Ruhl

Introducing the Blumebox!

Courtenay Lambert Florals is the exclusive provider of blumeboxes in the greater Cincinnati area, and I'm so excited about it! And the best part, they’re made of 100% recycled post consumer waste and have a 100% water based coating. And after the event, they can go right into the recycle bin!

I have been delivering all of my bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets in them since January...for FREE! Free is always good, right? Brides can choose the color blumebox they want, and either we can create a special design on them for you or you can DIY it. The box is free with a bouquet, but there is a small charge for us to customize it. But, if you're the creative type, and you want to do it yourself, you can! Also, wouldn't it be fun to get together and have a little decorating party with your bridesmaids and personalize them? Some of my customers are not only using them for their bridal party bouquets (which creates instant decor for your head table), but also as containers for all of their centerpieces.

Click here to check out the Blumebox website. The price seen on their site is the same price as in my shop, but there is no shipping fee if you pick them up at our location! They are great for all occasions, so go ahead and check them out!

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