Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jasmine Parker & Zach Cotton

Jasmine and Zach's beautiful wedding. Their wedding was so much fun to be a part of, as Jasmine and her mom took so much time in choosing all of the details that made their big day so unique.  A couple of months ago, we were honored to have Jasmine's wedding featured on Holly Chapple's blog The Full Bouquet...thanks so much Holly (we're finally getting it posted)!  Jasmine, a member of the amazing Brideface team (our roommates at The Bridal Studio), took some time to share the details of her big day.

Zach and I met when we were seven years old.  We went to every school dance together, every prom, etc.  We went to college away from each other and after a year, came back to northern Kentucky to be together and finish college at home.  What was most special to us about our wedding was having everyone we loved present.   We were also delighted by the effort and personalization given by family and friends.  From my mom, dad, and uncle to others who really put their heart and soul into much of the wedding concept, we really feel like their efforts brought together an event that was uniquely ours and it personally touched us both. And that we were able to share the day with our friends and family in such a beautiful and intimate setting as the Inn at Oneanta, really made it a unique and special experience for us as well as our guests.  We also could not have pulled it all together without the help of our fabulous vendor team.  Thank you!!!

Take a moment to peruse through the photos of their special day. Notice the adorable candy buffet and all the minute details, captured beautifully by Tine Hoffman. Enjoy!


Ceremony & Reception Location: The Inn at Oneanta – Melbourne, KY
Invitations: The Aerialist Press
Floral and Event Design: Courtenay Lambert Florals
Photographer: TM Photography, Tine Hoffman
Cake: Tres Belle
Makeup: Brideface
Shoes: Nina
Dress: Enzoni, 
Style: Cincinnati Jewelery: Meg Jewelry

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