Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Wedding

So, about three weeks ago I met up with some of my college friends in Key Biscayne for a weekend of relaxation, quality bonding time, and just all around gloriousness. What did we do? Nothing with a little bit of something, and it was great! But, while we were there, I sniffed out a wedding...of course! The Ritz Carlton hosts some fairly lavish events, and this one is no exception. I walked in (before the guests arrived) and started to take pictures...it was gorgeousness everywhere you looked. To give credit where credit is due, I spoke to the events manager and got the name of the fabulous event design and production company who created this lavish affair. They are Grande Affaires in Miami, and from the looks of it they do some pretty amazing event work.

And, not to rub it in (ok maybe a little), but here is the view from our hotel rooms. The open green space to the right is where they hold outdoor weddings with the ocean as the background...one word, GLORIOUS!

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