Friday, May 2, 2008

Cool Vases

I walked into West Elm (love it!) the other day at the Kenwood Mall, and their displays are fantastic. They really have a way with design, decor, and just general good style. They offer so many cool vases and containers, and one of my couples from last summer used some of them in their wedding. It was an elegant yet simple way to do table decorations, and if I can get some pictures from their photog, I will post them. Sometimes a really unique and stylish vase with simple blooms can be just enough to make your table display fabulous. I've included some pictures of vases that I think contribute to a beautiful centerpiece just as much as the flowers. The first picture is a picture of vases from West Elm. The second are vases (some of which I sell in my shop) that I thought were really unique as well, and could easily create a fab centerpiece.

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