Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anjali Mangat & Josh McFarland 5.24.08 - Indian Hill, OH

Anjali & Josh

This is an example of ivory done right! I loved the cream hues with the gray/blue accents used throught the wedding. All of the girls accented their dresses with a vintage idea that I completely support. Anjali has impeccable taste, and she and her planner, Alison Wenstrup of Aviva Events really pulled the details together beautifully.
Check out all of the glorious details. I love how Paul captured even the little details like the flowers used to decorate the hors douvres. I love little details like makes such a difference in the total look of the event. Now we did all of the personal flowers, but a friend of the mother of bride (who used to be a professional florist), did the centerpieces. I thought she did an amazing job, and I know she spent some serious time on the arrangements. I had to showcase them on my blog...they were too beautiful not to show off.
The photos were provided by Paul Ludwig of Paul Ludwig Photography. I absolutely love these shots, and I have to thank Paul for getting them to me during this super busy wedding season.

Aviva Events

Alison Wenstrup and her team. No, they are not midgets and Anjali is not an Amazon woman...there was just a difference on the heels of their shoes. :) Check out Alison's to right.

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